Cute little bunnies are out on a gore game of deathmatch. This is a multiplayer only (2 to 4 players,) game for the Playstation 2.

Originally developed by Brainchild Design (BCD) in 1998, it has been made freeware and the sources were published in 1999. Lunatics on the internet made this piece available for any thinkable platform, and now for your PS2.

Dott, Jiffy, Fizz, and Mijji are out for blood! Your blood!

This is the first version to be released for Playstation 2. It only supports the default level, which is embedded inside the .elf binary for easier distribution.
Please read the readme-ps2.txt file.


Playstation 2 CDROM image here
Playstation 2 ELF binary here
Source code here
Readme here


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