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Alien Typhoon
Dung Beetles
Moon Patrol
Ms. Pacman
Spy's Demise
High Rise
Star Blazer


Apple2JS is to celebrate 25th years with computers. My parents bought an Apple2 clone back in 1985, for my older brother's birthday. I would sit next to him and watch him play Alien Typhoon for hours.

Most games work completely, and some have minor keyboard incompatibilities. Regardless, toy around to find the right keys for the game (usually IJKM, A&Z or the arrow keys.)


Q. Why only these games ?
A. I took over Tobias Schneider's 6502 emulator which runs C64 and NES games properly. The Apple2c was equipped with a CMOS 65c02 which had additional opcodes that I just didn't implement. To make this short, I'm lazy. Also, this javascript loads Apple2 BLOAD executables, and doesn't emulate floppies properly. Maybe sometime in the future :)

Q. Where is the sound ?
A. Dude, this is pure javascript!

Q. Doesn't work on my browser, what gives ?
A. Upgrade to

Q. Why is it so slow ?
A. Emulator runs at up to 200 frames per second on my 1.8ghz using XP and Chrome. Firefox on the same platform yields around 40 fps.

Q. What's missing in this version?
A. 65c02 opcodes, floppy disk emulation, text mode and mixed mode, fonts, joystick and proper keystrobe emulation.

Q. What other great games are for the Apple2 ?
A. Glad you asked! My favorites are: Power Bots, Situation: Critical (Phase II), Castle Wolfenstein, Lode Runner, BC's Quest For Tires, Alien Typhoon, Star Blazer, Swashbucker, Spy's Demise, Highrise, Sammy Lightfoot, Amazon, 9 Prices in Amber, Cavern Creatures, Dung Beetles, Hart Hat Mack, Jungle Hunt, Mr. Robot And His Robot Factory, Snake Byte, Ribbit, Repton and (of course) Captian Goodnight

Q. Where is the color ?
A. Dude! My parents got us amber screen (weird orange). Green CRT on my PC was considered an upgrade. Live the 70s, say no to color!

Q. Where can I find more information about Apple II and its games ?
A. Apple 2 Series : Apple 2 on MobyGames : Virtual Apple : AppleWin (complete & up-to-date) : Asimon Archive (gazillion diskette images)

Q. You're awesome, did you know that?
A. Super! Drop me an email! :)

Apple2JS made by Gil Megidish. I can be contacted at gil@megidish.net. Don't Copy That Floppy.