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hack! hack! joy joy!
hack! hack! joy joy!

Welcome to my world !

This is just one of those always-under-construction pages.

In the meanwhile, you can check my published works or see what I'm working on these days.
My diary (life's changelog) can be found here.

To contact, send mail to

.. and then I said, 'let there be light!'

Rick Dangerous for Playstation 2 here (
Flashback for Playstation 2 here (
icecream for Perl here (
Heart of The Alien Redux for SDL supported platforms here (
Jump 'n Bump for Playstation 2 here (
Alleycat for Playstation 2 (coming soon)
Simpsons for Playstation 2 (coming soon)
Another World for Playstation 2/PSP (cancelled)

2006.jul.27: Jump 'n Bump released here (
2006.jan.17: New version icecream released at (
2005.nov.29: A few lectures of mine were uploaded here
2005.nov.28: Updated panoramas
2005.nov.18: released ( (RE4)
2005.nov.10: icecream 1.0 released! (
2005.nov.08: is 2 years old! Now hosted at lunarpages!
2005.nov.05: Back from Denmark!
2005.oct.18: Flashback for Playstation 2 released!! (
2005.oct.09: messada ( photo gallery online
2005.oct.01: xrick32 for Playstation 2 released!! (
2005.sep.22: 2 more ZBrush models on ZBrushCentral (
2005.sep.15: 3 ZBrush models are available here
2005.aug.29: New scrap at deviantart (
2005.aug.28: First post ( on ZBrushCentral
2005.aug.22: The Froggies have announced ( the winners of the first ps2 dev compo, /me first place
2005.aug.11: Opened up a flickr ( account (photographs there.)
2005.aug.04: Opened up a deviantart ( account (clay works there.)
2005.aug.02: Home sweet home
2005.jul.28: Made it to Assembly 2005 (Helsinki)
2005.jul.12: Flying today to Scotland