An Epic Moment in British Comedy

Spend 5 seconds and look at the screengrabs below. And now let me explain why it’s such an epic moment in British comedy.

You guessed right, the screengrab is taken from Shaun of The Dead. In this scene, Shaun (Simon Pegg) and his band of survivors, bump into Yvonne (Jessica Stevenson) and her gang of Doppelgängers.

Not long ago, I discovered Black Books. It provided me with the most wittiest and funniest moments I had with my tv. When checking the characters, I was drawn back to this scene in Shaun of The Dead, a movie I’ve seen some five years ago.

  • Nick Frost (1) played the security alarm installer in Black Books S1E5 – The Big Lock-Out
  • Lucy Davis (3) was Becky, Fran’s high school friend in Black Books S3E2 – Elephants and Hens
  • Dylan Moran (4) was Bernard Black. Created, written and performed in every Black Books episode.
  • Simon Pegg (6) was Evan, the evil manager from Goliath Books in Black Books S3E1 – Manny Come Home
  • Jessica Hynes (8) was Yoga teacher Eva in Black Books S2E5 – Hello Sun (who’s up for some rice cakes?)
  • Martin Freeman (9) was Manny’s doctor in Black Books S1E1 – Cooking The Books.
  • Tamsin Greig (11) – Oh, Tamsin Greig, the lovely Fran Katzenjammer. Performed in all Black Book episodes.
  • Peter Serafinowicz (not in these grabs) was Howell Granger, sexy sexy Howell Granger in Black Books S1E5 (with Nick Frost).
  • Matt Lucas (13) was not in the series, but his other-half, David Walliams, was a customer in Black Books S1E6 – He’s Leaving Home.

What a great re-union! But it also makes one wonder about the size of the talent crowd in the UK. Every British comedy I see has to do with one or more of the guys in the screengrab.

Thanks for reading!

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3 Responses to An Epic Moment in British Comedy

  1. Gil says:

    This is hilarious! :) )))))

  2. Gil says:

    Oh, I missed that movie! :(

  3. kalyaamm says:

    where’s #7?

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