The Neverhood

The Neverhood

The Neverhood is the best adventure game you (probably) never played. You take the role of Klaymen, a plasticine protagonist unlike any other. Originally released in 1996, by Doug TenNapel (of the Earthworm Jim fame), the game wasn’t a commercial success.

Although a sequel called Skullmonkeys was released on the PSX, the game was pretty much forgotten and Dreamworks stopped future development (including a film that was in the works.)

I have always loved Klaymen and the magnificent soundtrack. I thought of taking some time off to rewrite the game using ScummVM framework and make it available for modern platforms.

The progress I made is available here. A script that unpacks the BLB container files. Each BLB contains background graphics, audio, music, sprites and video (in smk format, supported by ffmpeg). Another script will extract background graphics and convert them into PNGs. The file formats of any of these files is unknown, so you’ll see lots of guesswork in my code.)

See a full collage of all background graphics from The Neverhood.

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  • TAO - 3 years ago

    hey man great job,
    i always love neverhood and i believe nevehood the most best game that ever made i i want to port it to tablet device if you can help me just let me know, i just need all of resource inside blb package.

  • mm - 3 years ago

    how i can use this script for extract blb archive of neverhood?

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