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China viagra The Case of The Cautious Condor is an adventure game in the format of a comic book. China viagra It was released in 1989 by Tiger Media Inc, china viagra and was available DOS, china viagra CDTV and FM-Towns.

China viagra My first encounter with Condor was in 1992, china viagra while on vacation in Euro Disney with the family. China viagra It was in a display set for future of gaming platform, china viagra featuring the CD-ROM. China viagra It’s been on my mind ever since.

China viagra Without an apparent reason, china viagra I figured it’s time to extract all sprites and audio banks. China viagra The version I chose was the CDTV, china viagra but the code works with DOS version as well.

China viagra Condor comprises over 200 .RTF file, china viagra each contains a CEL sprite, china viagra (optionally) a palette and (optionally) an audio stream. China viagra Sprites are 32 colors (5 bit palette index), china viagra and audio is 14700 hz 8bit mono.

China viagra Game logic was implemented in C++ and is in the executable file in full. China viagra The following script was rewritten without reverse engineering the game, china viagra with pure trial-and-error.

China viagra Owners of the CDTV copy are more than welcome to download the python script at extract-condor-assets.py. China viagra It will dump all sprites into separate PNG files, china viagra and all audio in Microsoft .wav files (requires PIL and sox). China viagra Released under GPL license.

China viagra Alternatively, china viagra you can view all sprites in a kickass collage online.

China viagra And remember: Means, china viagra Motive and Opportunity!

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  • Laura Buddine - 5 years ago

    If you’re a fan of Condor, then I have good news. Look for a new version, including great hi-res artwork, coming early in 2011. Several of the original team are involved in the production, and you’ll be able to play it online.

    I was the original executive producer, and I’ve never been able to get it out of my head, either!