Cutting a Deal With The Devil

A couple of days ago, I received mail calling to renew my Israeli driver’s license. It has been quite a while and it’s time to reissue that old piece of plastic.

On the back of the payment slip, there is a registration form for EDI, a foundation for transplants & organ donations. Yes.


Is this the most tactless time and place to recruit new members, or what? I figure the great exposure and the association between the two, but come on! Why push it in my face that I’m going to die? Is by paying the fee, I’m concluding my life, signing the dotted line and wishing doom upon myself?



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4 Responses to Cutting a Deal With The Devil

  1. Yair says:

    The ministry of transportation are EDI affiliates.
    EDI pays them wither by cash or by organs.
    In case it was someone like Elizabeth Hardy I think they take the organs.

  2. Roman says:

    Judging by the post title, I thought that you’re starting to work for Microsoft or Apple ;)

  3. avner says:

    I am not sure i understand your point,

    you watch movies that deal with death and play games that surround the killing concept.
    you go to hospitals and funerals
    you have life insurance.
    wherever you go you see commercials about death like when driving under the influence of alcohol.

    so whats the issue here? that we are all about to die?
    “Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero”

  4. If you donate, the loss of your life may allow someone else to live….but yes, it can still be quite morbid to shove it in someones face.

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