2010 New Year’s Resolution

Cat MeditationYou know how it works: at the very end of every year, you say “this is it”. Next year will be different, you sit down with yourself and make a list of accomplishments for next year, only to then realize you could have done it at any other day.

So, here is my list. 2009 has been the most diverse and crazy year I’ve lived through. I have seen a lot, accomplished a lot, experience a lot, and most importantly, learned a lot about life.


* Less Tweeting, more blogging
* Less running, more meditating
* Less talking, more listening
* Less flickring, more photographing
* Less computer time, more drumming
* Less computer time, more time reading books
* Less computer time, more playing guitar
* Less dreaming about it, more doing something about it
* Less tv, more movies
* Less coding, more outsourcing
* Less micro-managing, more peace
* Less beginnings, more completing
* Less technical, more artistic
* Less doing, more thinking
* Less online, more offline

Less is more

Happy New Year 2010!

(Cat meditation photo by Green Explorer)

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2 Responses to 2010 New Year’s Resolution

  1. Yuval Goldstein says:

    I recommend: Less X-Boxing, more going out :)

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