How Adventure Games Ruined My Life

1224106734-04.pngYes, ruined!

Something has been rooted deeply in my childhood that the finest psychologists and your favorite fireman cannot help me. What is wrong with the screenshot on the right?

As an avid adventure gamer, I have played and completed most of Sierra Online’s quest games. Spending countless after-school hours. I loved every single moment of it and it substantially improved my English (who else played Leisure Suit Larry with an English dictionary?!).

But what stayed with me most is the scoring system. See, Sierra seems to be the only developer who limited a game by the maximum score. You can complete an adventure, save the King, slay the Wizard, and still have some points missing. How is that possible? From a different point of view, it’s like saying — you can do something well, but we know how you’d make it perfect. We’re not telling.

This has contributed a lot to my terrible fashion of perfectionism. Everything can be done better, up to a point. There is a state where things are Perfect. Have you ever seen another game (collecting items aside,) where your highest score has an upper limit?

Nowadays people compare themselves to their friends by the money they have in the bank. And why is that? We are competitive bastards. That’s what we are. Choosing my over other forms is simply because it’s numeric. $2 is greater than $1. Three houses are more than none.

Why not compare the number of good friends you have? Your lifestyle? The hours of days you have free for yourself? How many hobbies do you practice? Can you quantize love? freedom? happiness? success? how? why? why? why?

This post is far from perfect. I win.

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5 Responses to How Adventure Games Ruined My Life

  1. alon0r says:

    You’re not perfect, and that’s why I love you!

  2. yuvalgo says:

    Great post!

    Talking a dictionary and that particular quest, funny thing: both whiskey and whisky worked at the bar, :)

  3. That was definitely well said!!! I 100% agree with you. :D I enjoyed reading your interesting yet very informative insights. I just love reading anything about eye-catching adventure game articles. Thank you for sharing and I am looking forward to reading your newest and most recent masterpieces!!! – Adventure Games

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  5. Roni Cohen says:

    Awesome post,
    At first I thought it was a bad practise to limit your top score, but after reading your post, I think it has more value in terms of telling the player, listen, you’ve done perfect, you can move on to the next level or game.
    Come to think of it maybe the final level should be unlimited so you can play your favorite game forever :) .

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