Nazi Shapeshifters, I was right all along


A while ago I wrote a post about how video games change history facts and make the Third Rich a scifi team of super villians. To make my point stronger, new screenshots from EA’s upcoming Wolfenstein RPG (iPhone) were released to the public, rendering Hilter as a modern struggling rockstar with a badly glued toupee. And to calm everybody down, the swastikas were replaced by a plus sign. Remember when Guy Montag burnt down historical art because it might upset people. Just a bad taste in my opinion. Not only you are killing history, but if you’re making a theme game (Nazi), at least get the BRAND straight.

Charlie Chaplin did:

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  1. Berthold says:

    As if somehow fuchsing up historical accuracy made it all better…

    Here in Germany, you get used to it. Along with graphic violence, Nazi signage is the #1 censored thing, way ahead of gratuitous nudity mind you. Most game companies give in to this system for fear of being either restricted to under-the-counter retail or being banned altogether. That’s why Austria and the UK, where apparently less violent people live, are the adult gamers’ one stop shop for anything kids are obviously not meant to see.

    Which includes such things as a suicide bomber in Command and Conquer, which had to be redone as a “bomb on wheels” that ironically could drive a car into the target and then explode! No Command and Conquer game in german canon had real human soldiers either, they were all cyborgs, because running over sentient artificial live forms with a tank is ethically sound apparently. They appeared frighteningly human in the cutscenes no less. Hypocrites.

    In Wolfenstein 3D (before it got banned for being too violent) we’ve always had a nation united under the double cross, led by angry cyborg hitler. At least they kept the ‘stache.

    Oh and by the by, that movie poster is awesome, I can’t believe it’s that old.

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