Why I Never Forgave Metallica

napster-bad.jpgA few days ago, while dusting off some old cds of mine, I came across my good old copy of Metallica’s Load. Now, you have to realize. Unlike my older brothers who grew up in the 80s, I’m not that high on Queen, Eurythmics or The Smiths. My heroes were Kurt Cobain and James Hetfield. While Cobain made sure there is no new material coming out anytime soon, we still had high hopes for Metallica in high school. And indeed, by 1996 Metallica has released Load, after 6 years of total drought. The cliche’ goes about a rain and a desert, and was absolutely just like that.

When the new album hit the stores, I remember the day I took the bus to the city, just to walk 30 minutes to that special and only place around that sold punk/metal music. If you were of the lucky early birds, you also got this cool ass poster of the band with short hair and 1970s pornstar mustaches. Load was a great album, and the 1997 compliment of Reload made it a swarm of new material. We were happy.

Back in 2000s, when P2P file sharing was booming, Metallica took a stand to lead the industry war against piracy. That was almost a decade ago, and I’m not dumb enough to believe there was no pressure from records label to fight till the death. But for some reason that made question why am I still buying every album they release. What really broke me was MTV Cribs; in the early 2000s, MTV toured rockstar houses. One episode that really caught my eye was of Korn’s bass player, Fieldy. He bragged about everything he owned, and especially his gold coated toilet set and bathroom sink. That really pissed me off. That was the day I stopped buying major bands albums. No more Metallica or Korn. I still buy a lot of cds, but they are mostly either local or indie.

Years have passed and Metallica kept releasing new albums. It slowly fade away for me and letting Trujillo sit at Newsted’s chair at Metallica Icon just made it less attractive. Last I heard from a friend was that St. Anger had no solos. Their signature was broken. It’s very sad to see your idol die. Metallica still play the old their good ol’ stuff at concerts. I’m not ruling out attending (another) one. Their shows are awesome and it’s authentic nostalgic at a low price.

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4 Responses to Why I Never Forgave Metallica

  1. Yair says:

    One day, when you will have a gold coated toilet, not sure I’ll buy your CD, but I will definitely come to shit in your house!

  2. GilT says:

    Dude….. Load wasn’t that good… it was ok, but it had symbolized the dying process you are talking about.. It was already back then ..a complete shifting from their original style. Now.. there is nothing wrong with that, but it was clear that it is the beginning of their end which St. Anger provided.
    “If it is not broken, don’t fix it”

  3. Heiberg says:

    Thanks for reminding me about that awesome joecartoon animation.

    “Fire. BAD! Money. GOOD!” :-D

  4. Idden says:

    I agree Metallica changed a lot since load and the fight against naspter was ridiculous.

    But about the “no solo” in St Anger, you should see he documentary called “Some kind of monster” it explains a few things.

    I still think they are great but something is missing, either I grew up or they screwed up ;)

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